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The IT Budget and Demand Planning solution from Digital Fuel

Planning helps organizations align IT spend to business needs in a way that is obvious and collaborative.

Planning from Digital Fuel helps organizations plan for the future to support running and making important changes in support the Business.

Powerful Planning


Budget Planning

Reduce the time spent planning and defending the IT budget for next year

demand planning

Demand Planning

Collaborate with the business to understand their IT service needs

rate planning

Rate Planning

Set the right rates for recovering IT costs from the business

scenario analysis

Scenario Analysis

Compare different budget, demand and rate options to find the best fit

Track Budget vs Actuals

Minimize the time and effort to track budget against actuals

In an instant, everyone who needs to can track budget against actuals at any time.


The CIO can view the totals.  IT Financial Analysts can drill down to any cost center, cost category or service.  Service Owners can track their services.  Business Units can track their IT spend.


With Digital Fuel there is one source of truth for everyone.

CIO Dashboard


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