Data Intelligence


Data Management Platform

The data collection, preparation and analysis automation solution from Digital Fuel

The Data Management Platform significantly reduces the time organizations spend collecting, preparing and analyzing the data needed for effective IT Business Management, IT Financial Management and Service Level Management.


Powerful Data Intelligence



Flexible Data Management

Start now with the data you have.  Your data does not need to be perfect.



Automate data collection and preparation and reduce the amount of time wasted manually collecting and preparing data.

easy to change

Easy To Change

Centralized data management, automated dependency mapping, and version control so making changes as your needs change is easy.

data quality

Data Quality Management

Actionable data quality management dashboard for fast data quality improvement

We know data isn’t always perfect

Don’t worry, we work with your data

Digital Fuel gives you powerful tools to clean and process data.  Whether you need to handle missing data, normalize names, join multiple data sets, aggregate or perform advanced translations, Digital Fuel gives you all the tools you need.


All data processing activities, from data collection through to producing the final output, can be linked together in logical flows that are easy to trace, manage and explain to others.

We know manual effort is wasted time

Don’t worry, we un-waste your time

Digital Fuel helps you automate data collection and processing so that you can spend more time on high value activities.


When you combine Digital Fuel’s data collection with logical data processing flows and a powerful scheduler you can automate almost everything in Digital Fuel.


One customer has automated data collection and processing for 369 data sources, easily saving 46 days of person effort per month.


We help you achieve more by automating more.


The Secret to Optimizing Storage Costs

The Secret to Optimizing Storage Costs

The five-part approach for effective data management and optimized storage costs.

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