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Hybrid Cloud Edition

The hybrid cloud cost management solution from Digital Fuel

The Hybrid Cloud Edition helps organizations understand the true total cost of using cloud, control cloud spend and align cloud spend with the Business.


With the Hybrid Cloud Edition, all cloud spend is in one place to help the CIO, IT Finance, Infrastructure and the Business understand and control cloud spend.


Private cloud and public cloud cost are managed in one central system with the ability to transparently charge hybrid cloud costs back to the business.


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Powerful Cloud Intelligence


total cost of ownership

Total Cost of Cloud

Accurately calculate the total cost of using cloud services, including labor, software and more


cost analysis

Cost Analysis

Quickly identify cloud cost and volume trends, answer questions and make informed decisions


showback chargeback

Showback & Chargeback

Control cloud consumption and demand, increase credibility and improve alignment with the business


automated data collection

Automated Data Collection

Automated billing and usage data collection from AWS and Azure


Why Choose Digital Fuel?

Minimize Manual Effort

Minimize manual effort

Digital Fuel automates data collection and processing from public cloud, like AWS and Azure and private cloud, like VMware.

Maximize Accuracy

Maximize cost accuracy

Digital Fuel uses actual costs from the General Ledger to calculate the true total cost of ownership.  Don’t worry, we make you look a finance expert without needing to be one.

Maximize Business Alignment

Maximize business alignment

Automatically and transparently showback or chargeback the business for the private and public cloud services they consume.


The Secret to Optimizing Storage Costs

The Secret to Optimizing Storage Costs

The five-part approach for effective data management and optimized storage costs.

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