Global Hospitality Corporation adds Regional IT Cost Transparency

Posted on: October 30th, 2017 by Paul Delehanty

Global Hospital Corporation adds Cost Transparency

Overview of Customer:

Customer: Global Hospitality Corporation with more than $1.5 Billion in annual revenue.
Solutions: Financial Intelligence
Using Digital Fuel to: Customer’s global IT Organization uses ITBM to manage their expenses and cost modeling, and ultimately creates shadow billing for technology infrastructure. This was the second release of 2017 for the customer and focused on adding their regional costs to the existing cost model and reporting. Additionally, the customer made enhancements to the existing networking, database, and security allocations.

Customer Project Goals:

  • Bring in international regional expenses and associated allocation methodologies adding region-specific cost transparency and visibility and improved cost tracking
  • Implement a new Networking allocation methodology in order to create a detailed cost analysis with breakouts for multiple services, allowing for cost optimizations
  • Update the existing Security, Database, and Depreciation allocation methodologies
  • Implement a new Shared Services allocation methodology
  • General system cleanup and organization to improve system performance and configuration ease of use


Digital Fuel Team: 2 Resources

  • 1 SR Consultant
  • 1 Solutions Architect

Time to Value:  All 14 Defined Business Requirements completed in less than 8 weeks
Implementation Highlights:

  • Customer set an ambitious set of requirements that Digital Fuel’s team was able to successfully deliver on tight timeline
  • Utilizing an agile development approach allowed Digital Fuel to continue development while the business users reviewed and validated other deliverables
  • The improved allocation methodologies and cost modelling allowed the IT organization to provide more accurate and detailed visibility into IT expenses and budgeting, resulting in cost optimizations and improved tracking across international regions

Customer Feedback:

Customer impressed with overall Time to Value, relevance of Digital Fuel Solution to business needs and Digital Fuel team’s successful implementation of enhanced allocation methodologies.

Customer Next Steps:

Long term goals include an enhancement of their expense data analysis and to further improve cost model reporting.

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