Energy Company Optimizes Supplier Performance and Costs with Digital Fuel

Posted on: August 11th, 2017 by Brett Arnott

Digital Fuel Customer Optimizes Supplier Performance and Costs

Digital Fuel Pit Stop Blog Series #6


digital fuel customer

Overview of Customer

Customer: Canada Based, Energy Company

Solution: Supplier ManagementService Level ManagementData Management, Data Automation

Using Digital Fuel to: Automate management of supplier performance.  Suppliers are critical to the delivery of services, and this customer uses Digital Fuel to automatically track supplier performance against contractual obligations.

Project Goals

  • Digitize supplier contractual performance obligations using SLA business rules
  • Compare supplier performance results with company measurements
  • Report company’s inventory of servers, databases, PCs, and system accounts
  • Compare accuracy of company inventory against supplier inventory reports
  • Application lifecycle management to improve lifecycle decisions, e.g. upgrade, retire
  • Automate 28 data sources


Digital Fuel Team: Two Resources

  • 2 x Technical Consultants

Time to Value:  3-month project to automate supplier performance compliance and comparison to supplier results, including data source automation.

Implementation Highlights:
The implementation delivered the following value to the customer:

  • Supplier Value Optimization – The Customer can use Digital Fuel to ensure they are getting the contracted value from each supplier.  This optimizes the performance and cost of their own services.
  • Reduced Manual Effort – The customer resources are freed to spend time on other activities.  Digital Fuel alerts the customer of performance or other issues.
  • Agile Approach – The customer could get value quickly and was able to make changes as needed to improve the outcome.

Customer Feedback

The Customer valued the agile approach to the project and is pleased with the reduced manual effort so that can assign the resource to the next key Business Value Management initiative.

The analysis and alerts give them fast access to the information they need.

Next Steps

The Customer is planning to incorporate financial data with performance data so that they compare and manage cost of inventory, cost of service delivery and many more critical business metrics.

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