Multinational Banking and Financial Services Corporation implements Private Cloud Billing System

Posted on: November 9th, 2017 by Paul Delehanty

Multinational Banking and Financial Services Corporation Implements Digital Fuel Cloud Billing

Overview of Customer:

Customer: Multinational Banking and Financial Services Corporation managing more than $800 Billion in Financial Assets.
Solutions: Financial Intelligence, Cloud Intelligence, Data Intelligence, IT Showback
Using Digital Fuel to: Create a highly detailed and flexible Multi-Service Solution including visibility into Private Cloud Spend at a level of hourly detail including all Technical Services with extensive utilization of Virtualization.

Customer Project Goals:

  • Customer set goal of total visibility into Cloud Billing with Chargeback scaled at an hourly level
  • Customer wanted full visibility into rapidly increasing Cloud costs (greater than $40M annual, increasing monthly)
  • Service reporting and cost recovery analysis to lay foundation for demand planning
  • To gain insight into Cloud usage and provide insights into overspend, allowing for Cloud optimization


Digital Fuel Team: 1 Resource

  • 1 Solutions Architect, FT

Time to Value: Internal Showback within 1 Quarter, Customer Showback with actual Billing at beginning of next Financial Year
Implementation Highlights:

  • Private Cloud billing system, based on hourly snapshots of vRA allowing customer to achieve significant cost optimizations and more aggressively implement innovation initiatives
  • Cloud Service consumption optimization resulted in significant cost savings to Business
  • Solution allows customer to manage both Cost and Price with 100% visibility into Cloud and Infrastructure costs, including ability to forecast expected payments
  • Showback reporting to the level of VM component (vCPU, vRAM, Storage, Software Components, Backup) with hourly resolution
  • Role-based dashboards for:
    • Executive (Cloud cost and consumption overview)
    • IT Finance Managers (Cost, Price and Recovery analysis)
    • Customer (Showback reports and cloud billing)
    • Cloud Operation Team Members (Multi customer showback)

Customer Feedback:

Provider Global Infrastructure Architect feedback: “Digital Fuel is providing unparalleled cost transparency for the organization and has been exceptionally well received by Finance Teams and CIOs across the business, in a way I have not seen before.

Customer Next Steps:

Customer is planning 3 extensions to current solution

  • Onboarding 2 additional departments (These departments are using cloud, but don’t have vRA)
  • Extending solution for non-cloud services (AIX, Mainframe)
  • Adding VM utilization analysis based on vROps data

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