FAQ Regarding Recent Digital Fuel Acquisition

When did Digital Fuel SV, LLC (a Skyview Capital company) purchase the vRealize Business Enterprise from VMware?
Skyview Capital, a global private investment firm, acquired the VMware vRealize® Business™ Enterprise (formerly known as Digital Fuel IT Financial Management) and IT Benchmarking (formerly known as iTHC) business on September 12th. For more information regarding Digital Fuel’s purchase of the vRealize Business Enterprise, you can also see the press release at the following page.

Will Digital Fuel be providing all support going forward?
Yes. Digital Fuel will provide all global support services, professional services, renewals, product updates, communication and all other services.

Additional Questions about the transaction?
If you have further questions regarding the new Digital Fuel, please contact Jason Nienaber by phone at (678) 362-3271 or by e-mail at sales@digitalfuel.com


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