$60 Billion Tech Company Replaces Legacy TBM with Digital Fuel

Posted on: July 5th, 2017 by Brett Arnott

Digital Fuel Pit Stop Blog Series #4 – Legacy TBM Replacement

Legacy TBM Replacement

Overview of TBM Replacement

Customer: USA Based, Multinational Computer Technology Company with over $60 billion in annual revenue

Solution: IT Financial ManagementData Management, Data Automation,  Showback & Chargeback

Project Goals

The customer made an objective, fact-based decision that Digital Fuel was able to better meet their ITBM needs when compared to the legacy TBM solution in use.

Deloitte facilitated the decision process to ensure the decision was right for the business, as well as credible and defendable.

The goal of the project was to transition the customer’s $1 billion in spend from the legacy TBM solution to Digital Fuel in under 3 months to avoid additional subscription spend.


Digital Fuel Team: Two Resources

  • 1 x Architect
  • 1 x Technical Consultant

Time to Value:  3 months start to finish.  We worked under an extremely tight deadline to transition the customer’s $1 billion of IT spend to Digital Fuel before they were forced to pay a renewal fee with the legacy TBM vendor.

Implementation Highlights:
The implementation delivered the following value to the customer:

  • Significantly Reduced the Total Cost of [TBM] Ownership – The decision-making process, facilitated by Deloitte, proved that Digital Fuel offered a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared to the subscription and operations costs of the legacy TBM solution.  The TCO was reduced because the Digital Fuel licensing costs were less taxing of the customer’s $1 billion IT spend and because manual effort could be reduced (see next point)
  • Reduced Manual Effort – Digital Fuel enabled the customer to automate the interfaces (i.e. database connections) and not require an extract first. This reduced the amount of time wasted manually collecting and preparing data.  The legacy TBM solution required up 60 files to be manually processed and upload each month
  • Reduced Cost Model Run Time – With Digital Fuel the cost model processing time was decreased by 8 hours each month.  The legacy solution took up to 12 hours each month to run the cost model.  The customer noted these additional problems with the legacy TBM solution: 1. When restating prior months, the problem multiplied. 2. Calculation time was an issue – when any data source changed, the entire model had to recalculate.  In Digital Fuel, the customer does not need the whole model to run.
  • Met The Tight Deadline – The project was completed on time, helping the customer to avoid unnecessary spend on the legacy TBM solution.

Customer Feedback

  • The ability to learn our current TBM implementation, that was built over many years, and transfer it to the Digital Fuel solution within 3 months, while at the same time making improvements, saved us unnecessary costs and demonstrated the abilities of the Digital Fuel team and the flexibility and usability of their product.
  • Digital Fuel partnered with us to ensure we met our deadline to avoid paying additional subscription costs to the legacy TBM provider.

Next Steps

Implement Chargeback.  Using the chargeback model implemented by EMC in Digital Fuel as the template, our customer wants to implement chargeback for their IT services so that they can increase the percentage of IT budget spent on innovation.

Read our EMC case study to learn more about how they used Digital Fuel and chargeback to increase the percentage of their budget spent on innovation – EMC Case Study

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