$69 Billion Financial Services Company: 369 Data Sources Automated With Digital Fuel

Posted on: July 19th, 2017 by Brett Arnott

Digital Fuel Pit Stop Blog Series #5 – 369 Data Sources Automated

Digital Fuel customers automate 369 data sources

Overview of Customer

Customer: USA Based, Financial Services Multinational with over $69 billion in annual revenue

Solution: IT Financial ManagementData Management, Data Automation,  Showback & Chargeback, Demand Planning, Benchmarking

Number of Digital Fuel Users: Greater than 700

Project Goals

Improve how data is automatically collected.

The goal was achieved by transitioning from automatically collecting data from 369 flat files to automatically collecting data directly from source systems.

From the initial Digital Fuel implementation in 2013, the customer automatically collected data from 369 flat files.  Automatically collecting data from flat files saved the company hundreds of hours of manual effort each month, which allowed them to focus on high-value ITBM activities.


Digital Fuel Team: Two Resources

  • 2 x Technical Consultants

Time to Value:  3.5 weeks, including a review of all 369 data adapters in Digital Fuel.

Implementation Highlights:
The implementation delivered the following value to the customer:

  • Near Real-time Visibility into Status – The Customer’s instance of Digital Fuel was used to report the progress of the transition of each data source.  At any time the customer could log into Digital Fuel and see how many data sources had been completed, the number of issues to be resolved and a status of completion by resource.
  • Repeatable Solution – The Digital Fuel team provided training and automation tools to the Customer so that could easily add new data sources the same way.  This means the customer can be self-sufficient and maintain a standardized data collecton solution.
  • Reduced Complexity – The customer was able to remove one step from the data collection process, which reduced complexity, risk and effort.

Customer Feedback

  • The Customer appreciated that the project provided near real time visibility on the status of the transition from automated data collection from flat file to automated data collection directly from source systems.
  • Now their resources can confidently create new direct system adapters efficiently using the training received and the automation capability of Digital Fuel.

Next Steps

The Customer already manages over $4 billion of annual IT spend with Digital Fuel, and uses Digital Fuel to collaborate with their business partners to forecast service demand.

Next, the Customer plans to continue to refine and improve IT Financial Management and Demand Planning using Digital Fuel as the enabling technology and partner.

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